Paola Pagano is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Milan since 2018.
Paola spent about 6 years in NYC working for a variety of institutions and brands. 
Her style is recognisable yet it has a wide range of expressions, based on strong palettes of colours and a naive touch.  Among her clients there are Ciasmo, On Futon, il Museo della Forchetta, The Embassy of Switzerland and La MaMa Experimental Theatre.
As a freelance designer, she currently works with Spartan and has previously collaborated with the Sterling Publishing, Hunter PR, Artforum Magazine, Tough Mudder, NYC Ballet.
Her background includes an experience as Associate Designer at Artforum International where she worked both
as production managing assistant and as in house print and web designer.
"Looked at Japanese prints with Glassner this afternoon.That is how I want to write with that much space around a few words. . . . The only words I want to write are those naturally woven into one great silence, not those that merely serve to drown out the silence and to pull it apart." —Etty Hillesum 
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